PKKMB and Student Day FK Unud 2012

Lively PKKMB and Student Day FK Unud

FK Unud not feel like normally, this is because bagitu many new faces that meet FK Unud area in order PKKMB and Student Day. FK Unud lively atmosphere increases with the presence of the new students in green according to the color of pride FK Unud.
The series of new admissions in the Medical Faculty of Udayana University has begun to open since Monday, dated 3 September 2012 yesterday. Activities are regularly held every year was opened by the Dean of the Medical Faculty of Udayana University, Prof.. Dr. dr. Ketut Suastika, Sp.PD-KEMD. Through this event, Dean of the Medical Faculty of Udayana University really hope this activity can provide positive things for the new students, especially in the introduction of a more in-depth about the FK Unud that would make a point of studying them for about 5 years to reach a degree that they want. During these activities PKKMB and Student Day has proven very helpful in following perkuliah students later on.
In 2012, about 650 new students take part PKKMB and Student Day this time where 650 students are part of the five courses in the Faculty of Udayana University. To note that the Faculty of Udayana University has 5 courses strata S1; include Doctor of Education Program, Nursing Science Program, Public Health Science Program, Psychology Program and Physiotherapy Program. Besides FK Unud also have 13 Program Specialist under the umbrella of Udayana University Graduate Program.
PKKMB and Student Activity Day at FK Unud warranted to be free from the impression of hazing in which hazing is itself a frightening specter for new students for the first time stepping stool university. FK Unud did not conduct hazing activities, as they are considered less good for mental and physical freshmen. FK Unud prefer smart and educative way to introduce campus life through PKKMB and Student Day. Activities are smart and educational felt very good impact for the new students and other students especially in avoiding the violence that leads to anarchy. Parents of new students should not worry because the activities PKKMB and Student Day at FK Unud is overseen by an independent team to ensure this event was held in an orderly and safe.
The whole Civitas Academica FK Unud say welcome and happy to be part of the Civitas Academica Medical Faculty of Udayana University for new students who are following PKKMB Faculty and Student Day at Udayana University. Hopefully this gives a good start good ending anyway for educational trips for all new students FK Unud. (Intan Medical Faculty of Udayana University-PR).

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