Faculty of Medicine is a favorite faculty at the University of Udayana. Even seeded Udayana University in the national and international level. It can be seen from the applicants who apply to be accepted as a student, including the students from abroad; Malaysia. As an institution that emphasizes quality, Faculty of Medicine, University of Udayana (FK Unud) seek to ensure the disclosure of information, including clarity about the recruitment process, the learning process and other information required by the community. Disclosure of this information is expected to reduce the distortion of information occurs in the community, especially about the recruitment, financing college and some of the policies in the educational process at the Medical Faculty of Udayana University. That not many people know well is now not only manage the Faculty of Medicine, Doctor of Education Program, but there is also featured another four courses that will also continue to be introduced to the public the Nursing Science Program, Science Studies Program Psychology, Public Health Science Program and Physiotherapy Program. In addition it is planned to set up new courses namely Dentistry Program (PSKG).
The strategy adopted to achieve these goals is to bring faculty managers directly with applicants or prospective students, delivering important information clearly through the exhibition and introduction activities at Udayana University Faculty of Medicine, which is packaged in the form of the "Open House". Medical Faculty of Udayana University Open House is a series of activities comprising of educational exhibits, the introduction of student activities and discussion between management faculty with FK Unud enthusiasts, both students and parents. This activity is expected to provide clear information and give the full picture of educational activities at the Faculty of Udayana University. Clarity of information will empower prospective students and even their parents before entering higher education. Empowerment includes providing insight and knowledge before they make a choice that options for FK Unud a smart choice made based on thorough consideration.

Destination Activities
1. Provide information to the general public and enthusiasts FK Unud about the recruitment process, the learning process and student activities in the environment FK Unud.
2. Provide opportunities for the public and enthusiasts FK Unud to get clarity on the various distortions of information management faculty directly.
Place and Time
Event Open House was held at Udayana University Faculty of Medicine Building and is scheduled to be held on Friday, February 22, 2013.
Type of activity
1. Facility Tour Education / Student Learning.
Here will be presented as to what course of study in the Faculty of Udayana University, how the process of recruitment, lectures, evaluation systems, kelululusan and other academic matters. Including how after graduation.
2. Open discussion with faculty leaders
Discussions will be conducted between the management faculty or leadership with interested visitors. Discussion will be moderated moderator and give visitors the opportunity to get deeper information than the manager of faculty about various issues in society related to medical education in the Faculty of Udayana University.
3. The introduction of student activities
Many of the activities performed by students outside of class hours that would be a hobby, caring and empathy skills as a physician or health care practitioner. Activities and organizations concerned with AIDS, cancer care, journalism, nature lovers and medical, scientific groups and others will be displayed

This activity is expected to be attended by junior and senior high school students interested Faculty of Udayana University, teachers of junior high and high school coaches, parents and prospective students who are interested in all the information about the Medical Faculty of Udayana University. So that the information obtained could be the correct reference in the entrance exam at the Medical Faculty of Udayana University and beneficial for the preparation of high school students who will be part of the Civitas Academica Medical Faculty of Udayana University.

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