Guest Lecture "Research of Human Brain in the Age of In ...

Senin, 21 November 2022


In order to study neuroscience in greater depth from various disciplines, to produce initial research outputs in the field of neuroscience through collaboration with domestic and foreign institutions and to support the accreditation of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study programs at FK UNUD, we are the committee for the Doctoral Medical Science webinar UNUD w ... Read More >>

WEBINAR Make Mental Health & Well-Being for All a Globa ...

Jumat, 7 Oktober 2022


KSM Psychiatry RSUP Prof. Dr. I.G.N.G Ngoerah present: WORLD MENTAL HEALTH DAY 2022 - SPEAKERS:Session 1dr. Ida Aju Kusuma Wardani, Sp.KJ(K), MARS (Moderator)Dr. dr. I Nyoman Gede Anom, M.Kes (Bali Provincial Health Office) - Mental Health Service Policy in Balinese So ... Read More >>

[Seminar on World Rabies Day 2022] ...

Kamis, 29 September 2022


Rabies is currently one of the many zoonoses whose cases are still emerging both in animals and humans in various provinces in Indonesia, including Bali. Along with the easing of COVID-19 policies in limiting community activities, the number of Rabies cases increased significantly, causing a sharp increase in human deaths. As government programs begin to focus again on efforts to control and control Rabies, there are still things that need to be intervened to support these efforts. The role o ... Read More >>

Bali International Emergency Battle Summit (BIEBS) 2022 ...

Sabtu, 24 September 2022


For more information, please download the attached file. ... Read More >>