3 Unud FK Students Successfully Win 3rd National Place in the 2023 Medical Djogja Scientific Competition

An encouraging news came from Unud FK students, Gede Arya Diva Dhananjaya, Putu Ari Shanti Dewi, and Ni Made Ersi Dwitami Barsua from PSSK Class of 2021 who succeeded in achieving "3rd Place National Level Literature Review Competition in the Medical Djogja Scientific Competition 2023". (15/05/2023).

Arya Diva, Shanti, and Ersi won 3rd place at the National Level through their work entitled "Encapsulation Potential of B1 Adrenergic Receptor Antagonists with Anti-HCN4-Conjugated PEGylated-Liposome in Reducing Hypotension in Tachyarrhythmic Patients" with guidance from Dr. dr. Urged Made Wihandani, M.Kes.

This work is expected to be able to raise potential modalities for the development of new treatment models in tachyarrhythmic patients through encapsulation of B1 adrenergic receptor antagonists with Anti-HCN4-conjugated PEGylated-liposome to prevent the risk of hypotension as a common complication of tachyarrhythmia treatment.

Medical Djogja Scientific Competition is a national level competition organized by the Yogyakarta Muhammadiyah University Medical Faculty. This competition aims to hone the ability of Indonesian students to think critically and actively participate in responding to cases of health problems in the cardiovascular and hematology fields that occur in Indonesia.