Participating in Majestynas 2023, Unud Faculty of Medicine students succeeded in winning 1st place nationally

Unud FK students, David Christopher Tjandra, I Gusti Ayu Maha Deivy Darmadi and Putu Dian Amelya Putri Widarani (Medicine 21) succeeded in winning 1st place at the national level in the 2023 Muhammadiyah Jakarta Scientific Competition Public Poster Competition (Majestynas) held at the Faculty of Medicine and Health University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta (02/06/2023)

Their success can be realized thanks to the support and direction of the supervisor, Dr. dr. Dyah Kanya Wati, Sp.A(K), who always supports and guides them. At this event, David, Deivy and Dian created a work entitled "Live FAITHFUL, Prevent Gonorrhea Infection". This 1st place winner's work was created to make Indonesian people aware of the dangers of Gonorrhea and preventive steps to prevent it in a fun and enjoyable way. On the poster, there is a website that they created to provide broad education to the public. Their website can be seen at:

MAJESTYNAS (Muhammadiyah Jakarta Scientific Competition Nasional) is an annual scientific event at the Faculty of Medicine and Health, University of Muhammadiyah Jakarta, organized by the Scientific Institute of FKK UMJ, namely the Muhammadiyah Medical Researcher Community (M2RC). This Majestynas event is on a national scale. MAJESTYNAS 2023 activities will be held offline at the FKK UMJ Campus on June 1-4 2023. Raising "Pre-eclampsia: The Problems and Health Challenges of Reproduction in A Global Era". as the main theme.